Fotokunst met foto's van het mooi bloot lichaam.

Fotobodyart online Gallery with exclusive naked art

I would like to show you the examples well, so I made a breakdown in the online gallery into horizontal (landscape) examples and vertical (portrait) examples of Fotobodyart art.

Horizontal Photo Body Art (Landscape)

Click on the blue button for a slideshow

Vertical Photo Body Art (Portrait)

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The portrait examples (portrait format) are unfortunately not visible on every phone. On some phones, the portrait examples can be seen when you turn the phone to landscape.

Questions and answers

  • What does a Fotobodyart artwork cost?

    There are many possibilities to obtain a unique Fotobodyart nude artwork.
    If you live outside The Netherlands you can send me a message with the contactform and ask me what the cost including shipping are.

  • What has changed at Fotobodyart?

    My hobby time as an artist at Fotobodyart is now over, I am now a full-time artist.

    At the moment I have more time for my art and therefore I now have more space for assignments.

  • These are examples, so there is more

    You can see some examples of Fotobodyart art here, but there is more !!

    If you want to see more, you can do so in consultation, send me a message and we'll see if I can show you more artworks.

  • Does the Coronavirus also have consequences for Fotobodyart?

    In connection with Corona there are only photo shoots for commissioned work, but I can put you on the list with which I will go to work if the weather is possible.

    Also in connection with Corona, the visit to the Gallery to view more examples is only limited and possible by appointment.